This is not a book to simply read, it is a book to use daily! The Sword of the Spirit, The Word of God is a powerful tool to use when you pray individually or in a group.


It is divided into sections of scriptural prayers:

• The Unity and Healing of the Church

• Salvation

• Baptism of the Holy Spirit

• Physical Healing

• Inner Healing

• Deliverance

• Relationships

• Wisdom and Guidance


It also includes special prayers for:

• Repentance

• Forgiveness

• Freedom from Guilt

• Salvation

• Receiving the Holy Spirit

• Joy and Peace

• Protection

• Comfort

• The Peace of Israel

• Spiritual Renewal for Our Nation

• Our Communities

• The World

• Special Needs



• Breaking Curses

• Renouncing Occult Activities

• Incest Survivors

• Freeing from Hereditary Sickness

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